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  2. Happy Gamzee

  3. ket3:

    EmOtIoNaL pEaNuT BuTtEr. 

    (and gif with Terezi glasses)

  4. harshwhimsical:



    reblogging again because i can never have this picture on my blog enough times

    favorite gamzee art ever everyone bask in this lovely piece

    this lovely piece

    lovely piece


  5. The Creature tries to remember what it once was

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  6. 낙서

    머리가지고 장난쳤다길래.. ㅠㅠ

  7. Fuck!

  8. harshwhimsical:

    i am posting this because i have lost control of my life

    this was the last photo of the shoot at colossalcon, because earlier amanda and i were pissing ourselves laughing at these stupid fucking annoying oranges and as we were leaving the arcade she was like “make the annoying orange face!”

    to be honest i am not quite sure i was able to capture the true essence of the annoying orange



  9. meexart:

    A formal Gamzee for my gf :D

    Ohiocon has a ball and she needed a costume design~

    Hope you like it dear ^^ <3

  10. rainbowchibbit:

    So uh. I made grubs as an early birthday present for Laci.

    I need to get stronger magnets because they don’t quite snap together like I wanted, but they have magnets in their little mouths so they can smooch.

    Pattern from Here! :D

    I tweaked it a little bit, but it’s so nice and simple and fun and easy to understand and aahhhhh~ It’s so awesome.